Glover & Sorrensen

Two-handed stand-up comedy – where two comedians are onstage at the same time – is a bit of a trick. It takes a special relationship. With Glover & Sorrensen you get two blokes and comedy tailored to the festival audience. It’s unpredictable, hilarious and excitingly live comedy – in stereo.


Glover & Sorrensen is a two-handed stand-up comedy act that combines the talents of two of Australia’s most experienced comedians – Alan Glover and S Sorrensen.

Glover & Sorrensen features both comedians on stage at the same time bouncing off ach other (verbally mostly; physically sometimes) combining their wealth of material with unpredictable, spontaneous improvisation. This makes every show at the festival unique.

Glover & Sorensen have performed their shows at the National, Illawarra, Cobargo, Woodford, Port Fairy, Yackanadandah, Kangaroo Vallery, and Yungaburra folk festivals as well as clubs and pubs all over this wide, drying land.

Despite their disrespect for accordions and sons of accordionists, Glover & Sorrensen’s quick-witted humour is a wonderful addition to the colour of a festival. We do love them.” – David De Santi, artistic director Illawarra Folk Festival and Snowy Mountains of Music. And accordionist (with a son).

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Glover & Sorrensen PROGRAM BIO:

Glover & Sorrensen are funny. In fact, with two stand-up comedians (Alan Glover and S Sorrensen) on stage at the same time, it’s twice as funny. With lots of improvisation, this show feeds off the audience with hilarious and unpredictable results.

Hold onto your funny bones…

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CONTACT Glover & Sorrensen:

PO Box 952, Lismore, 2480, NSW, Australia

0427337057 (S), 0407214397 (Alan)